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Amazing New Centaur


Amazing New Centaur

This Amazing New Centaur is a fantastic model hand-made from Grey Resin.

Centaurs are thought of in many Greek myths as being as wild as untamed horses and were said to have inhabited the region of Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly, the Foloi oak forest in Elis, and the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia. Centaurs are subsequently featured in Roman mythology and were familiar figures in the medieval bestiary. They remain a staple of modern fantastic literature.

The centaurs were usually said to have been born of Ixion and Nephele.[6] As the story goes, Nephele was a cloud made into the likeness of Hera in a plot to trick Ixion into revealing his lust for Hera to Zeus. Ixion seduced Nephele and from that relationship, centaurs were created. Another version, however, makes them children of Centaurus, a man who mated with the Magnesian mares. Centaurus was either himself the son of Ixion and Nephele (inserting an additional generation) or of Apollo and the nymph Stilbe. In the latter version of the story, Centaurus’s twin brother was Lapithes, ancestor of the Lapiths.

Another tribe of centaurs was said to have lived in Cyprus. According to Nonnus, they were fathered by Zeus, who, in frustration, after Aphrodite had eluded him, spilled his seed on the ground of that land. Unlike those of mainland Greece, the Cyprian centaurs were horned.

There were also the Lamian Pheres, twelve rustic daimones (spirits) of the Lamos river. They were set by Zeus to guard the infant Dionysos, protecting him from the machinations of Hera, but the enraged goddess transformed them into ox-horned Centaurs. The Lamian Pheres later accompanied Dionysos in his campaign against the Indians.

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Amazing New Centaur

This Amazing New Centaur is Hand made with UV Cured Resin


This Amazing New Centaur miniature and model is resin printed from a high-quality UV grey resin. All minis and parts come unprimed and unpainted but printed with the intention of being painted by the consumer.

Some assembly may be required on some models.

They are perfect for priming and painting. Please note, that I will do as much clean-up on the model as possible, but there will still be some marks from the printing process. Primer and paint will help hide these but be prepared to do some tidying up yourself, as you would with any miniature.

Please bear in mind that resin is quite delicate and if the model is dropped it will more than likely break. Unfortunately, we can not be held responsible for breakages after delivery, but if the model arrives broken please contact us with photos and we will try to help you out.

Unless requested, Resin models will always be printed in grey. If printed in FDM (Filament) there will be options available to choose from existing colours. When resin prints are delivered to you, they will be ready for priming and painting.

Everything is up for discussion. Sizing, colour, anything. If you need something specific please do get in touch and I can give you a custom quote.

All models are made to order. Delivery 7-14 working days dependant on the destination country

We’re a UK-based maker so international orders may take 7-21 days to arrive after date of dispatch. Depending on the time of year this is sometimes longer. International parcels will be tracked, and a shipping number provided on request.

Original Files are supplied by HEX3D and be found at: www.Patreon.com/Geoffro


CT3DP Miniature models are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. They are made from ultraviolet-cured resin and may include small modular/removable or easily breakable parts which may be harmful if ingested. Care must be taken and appropriate PPE worn e.g. gloves and a face mask when sanding the models, so as not to inhale or ingest any dust resulting from the sanding process.

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